Social Anxiety


Description / Rules

No NSFW content
This includes NSFW images, videos, and text. Inappropriate or vulgar comments will not be tolerated.

Lolicon/shotacon content is prohibited
Lolicon or shotacon is defined as drawings of prepubescent children, either in a sexual or non-sexual context.

Do not send NSFW / creepy DMs to members
In doing so you will be banned from the server immediately. Please report any suspicious or rule-breaking DMs you receive.
Do not harass, be malicious towards other users, or contribute to toxic behaviour
Including but not limited to: heated debate or arguments in bad faith, political arguments, berating, trolling, derogatory/racist/sexist remarks, targeted harassment towards other users, hostility to staff or users, refusing to listen to advice while continuously asking for it, refusing to change behaviour, dominating discussion, deliberately provoking users, discouraging support from mental health professionals, or suggesting unhealthy coping mechanisms. Incel ideologies/content will get you banned instantly.

No discussion of illicit drugs/inappropriate use of alcohol
No encouraging illicit drug and/or alcohol use (i.e. underage drinking, binge drinking, publicly intoxicated). No recommending miracle ‘mental health cures’. No suggesting someone stop their medication without consulting their doctor.

This is a support community. Encouraging suicide or self harm is serious and may harm other users, and will not be tolerated.

No doxxing or impersonation, even with the other person’s permission
Doxxing will get you instantly banned and your account reported to Discord.

Keep the serious channels serious
These channels are used for serious discussions of users’ issues, while light hearted jokes and such are appropriate, treat the people in these channels with respect and dignity.

Do not abuse pings
Please do not ping roles repeatedly, ping other users repeatedly, or ping staff in non urgent situations.

No advertising for monetary gain or links to other servers
Check with a staff member first if you want to advertise something. Do not advertise other servers in any context.

Have an appropriate and easily typeable nickname, and an appropriate pfp
Please do not have nicknames or pfp’s that are NSFW, derogatory, or inappropriate in nature. Nicknames should consist of letters, numbers, and symbols that can be easily typed on an english keyboard.

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