Heart Support


Description / Rules

  1. Follow Discord’s Terms of Service & Community Guidelines at all times.
  2. Be respectful to everybody in this server!
  3. No selfies/pictures showing your face, age talk, relationship status, etc…
  4. This server is not a place to look for or attempt to form romantic relationships.
  5. Speak English only.
  6. Usernames should mostly contain latin characters or numbers (A-Z / 0-9).
  7. Avoid communicating via DMs with other members.
  8. Conversations about potentially personal, heavy or triggering topics are to be kept on the HeartSupport Forum.
  9. Do NOT seek medical or legal advice from anyone within the discord server, even if they claim to be a professional in a specific area.
  10. Keep posts on topic. We have lots of channels for you to post in, please find the most appropriate one!
  11. You should strive for a certain level of quality content in messages!
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