Animal Farmers in Nigeria


Description / Rules

Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell and published in 1945. It is a satirical allegory that uses animals to depict the events and characters of the Russian Revolution and the early Soviet Union. The story begins with the animals on Manor Farm overthrowing their human owner, Mr. Jones, and taking control of the farm. They establish a new society in which all animals are equal and work together for the common good. The pigs, who are the most intelligent animals, take the leadership roles and establish the principles of Animalism, which is based on the idea that all animals are equal and should share in the benefits of their labor.

Initially, the animals live in harmony and work hard to build a better life for themselves. However, as time passes, the pigs become more and more corrupt and begin to take advantage of their power. They change the principles of Animalism to suit their own interests and establish a new class system in which the pigs are the rulers and the other anim

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