Guardians Mental Health

Guardians Mental Health

Description / Rules

There is always a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying, harassment or judgement towards anyone for any reason!

Please keep all messages in their proper channels, so as not to disturb the resources that may be posted there. A member of the team may request a conversation be moved and will provide the appropriate channel. Messages may be removed at any time by our team to facilitate this.

Under no circumstances is anyone to interrupt or disturb team member(s) while they may be working with individuals in the support channels unless it is an emergency, or you are tagged in the conversation and asked to contribute. [ this rule is for anyone not assigned a team role ]

NO OUTSIDE DM’s with Staff, Moderators, or Mental Health Professionals.

All relevant discussions are to be had in the server. If it is a private matter, we will open up the private support channel, which can only be seen by the groups mentioned above.

Public support channels have a time restriction (approximately 2 hours). After such time, a team member will step in, provide a private support role, while temporarily removing a public role and direct them to a private channel.

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