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If you’re looking to join various kinds of Viber Groups, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed a lot of active links that you can easily use to join the Viber community.

Viber is the best app that keeps people together from all over the world. What’s most important is that all communication—voice chat, video calls, and messages—is end-to-end encrypted. Also, you can join a lot of groups, channels, and communities that you can even create yourself.

Here, we will provide you with Viber Group Links that you may be interested in joining. Our goal is to gather the best and most active groups of various types on one page, allowing you to easily become a part of this Viber community.

Benefits of Joining Viber Groups

Depending on your interests and needs, joining Viber Groups can provide many benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Viber groups offer a platform for instant messaging, allowing users to chat in real time.
  • Users can share a variety of media, including images, videos, and documents, allowing for more effective cooperation.
  • Joining a Viber group centered on a specific subject or topic helps you interact with people who share similar interests or ambitions.
  • Viber groups can be used to coordinate activities, make plans, and discuss details with a large group of people around the world.
  • Members can share information and knowledge, resulting in a wonderful resource for learning and remaining up-to-date.
  • Viber is a mobile-friendly app that allows users to stay connected and engaged while on the move.
  • Viber supports multiple languages, allowing people of different linguistic backgrounds to communicate with one another.
  • Viber makes group chats more fun by adding funny stickers and smiley faces (Emoji).

Difference Viber Group vs Channel vs Community

Viber has three different ways to connect with people, such as Groups, Channels, and Communities, each with different features that depend on your interests and needs.

Viber Group:

  • Only 250 members can participate.
  • It has privacy settings, allowing only invited people to join the group.
  • Two-way communication is available for all members to send messages.
  • Perfect for close groups like family and friends, project teams, or hobbyists.
  • Admins can mute/kick members and manage group settings.

Viber Channel:

  • Viber groups are highly scalable, accommodating up to 1 billion members
  • Only one-way communication, meaning only admin or superadmin can post.
  • privacy options, can make private and public channels.
  • To broadcast news, updates, information, or announcements to a broad audience.
  • Only admins have the right to manage content, including sending requests or removals.

Viber Community:

  • For a basic community, up to 250 members are allowed, while a super community can accommodate up to 1 billion members.
  • It can be set as either public or private, providing flexibility in choosing the visibility of the content.
  • For talking and sharing with a big group members who like the same things, you can chat, ask questions, and do fun stuff together.
  • Admins and superadmins have a lot of control over what gets posted, how channels work, and the roles of members.

Viber Groups Rules

Viber groups come with various rules, and these specific rules depend on the type of group you’re joining. Each group typically has its own set of rules, but here, we’ll highlight some common rules that most groups expect members to follow.

  • Only join relevant group that you have interest and wanna gain knowledge.
  • Respect all members and avoid using offensive language.
  • Ask for permission from the group admin before sharing any external links.
  • Please refrain from advertising or promoting yourself without obtaining permission.
  • Please steer clear of using offensive language, personal attacks, or hate speech.
  • If you see any violation of the group rules, please report it to the admins.

USA Viber Group Links

  • car parking Банда – Link
  • USA MMD – Link
  • MAHAR SAN USA Store – Link
  • Онлайн-покупки за кордоном USA, EUR shop – Link
  • Cars from USA – Link
  • Moldovenii în MD – Link
  • Smart Academy – Link
  • AUTO USA – Link
  • Saajha online Shopping – Link

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UK Viber Groups Link

  • UK Jobs – Link
  • Rakuten Viber UK – Link
  • Atumn in Ukraine – Link
  • Поміч біженцям – Молдова – Link
  • WWF Channel – Link
  • Corbina Telecom Info Channel – Link
  • The Foodies Channel – Link
  • FC Barcelona – Link

Ukraine Viber Groups List

  • Laptop-Ukraine – Link
  • Helping Wing Ukraine – Link
  • Myron in Portugal glory to Ukraine – Link
  • UKRAINE – Link
  • Ukraine only Ukrainians – Link
  • Trendy women’s clothing, Lviv/Ukraine – Link
  • Tesla Ukraine – Link
  • Ukraine Top – Link
  • Save Our Planet And Ukraine – Link

Europe Viber Groups Invite Link

  • New Deal Europe – Link
  • Робота для водіїв UA – Europe – Link
  • UNICEF Europe & Central Asia – Link
  • European New News 24/7 – Link
  • European Labor Agency – Link
  • Blossom Asia and Europe Supplier – Link
  • All About Europe Education & PR – Link
  • Для стран СНГ работа в Швеции – Link

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Asian Viber Groups Links

  • – Link
  • Asia Royal Hospital – Link
  • Mawlamyine Trading (Asia Aluminium) – Link
  • AIA Trucks & Equipment Auction Community – Link
  • Zhong Tong Express Myanmar Co.,Ltd – Link
  • Youya Chinese Online Course – Link
  • Smart Boy Men’s Wear – Link
  • Highland Asian Grocery – Link
  • မျိုးသန့် အထည်လက်ကား clothing wholesale – Link

Sri Lanka Viber Groups Link

  • NEWS 23 SRI LANKA – Link
  • Sri Lanka Fuel & Gas – Link
  • Sri Lanka News – Link
  • Sri Lanka Previous Truth – Link
  • Cricket Vibes SL – Link
  • Daily Mirror – Link
  • HPB SL – Link

Indian Viber Group Links to Join

  • Indian Food Court – Link
  • Delish Street – Link
  • Asian Mehndi Arts – Link
  • Indian Attire – Link
  • Special Offer – Link
  • Indian Restaurants in Japan – Link
  • Ganesh Utsav (गणेश उत्सव) – Link
  • Cinema Updates – Link
  • Legends Halal kitchen – Link

Education Viber Groups Link

  • Union Education TSC SecondPa – Link
  • Scholarships In Australia – Link
  • Shwe Maw Kun Education Group – Link
  • @EDUCATION & @News (PMS) – Link
  • Neasterns Education (NEEC) – Link
  • Abundant Education Center – Link
  • Success Agent Online Education – Link
  • TRL Education Institute – Link
  • Medical Entrance Preparation – Link
  • The Medical City Clinic – Link

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Learn English Viber Groups

  • English With AP – Link
  • English with Sardar – Link
  • KAT English Academy – Link
  • Spoken English With Aravind – Link
  • OWL SCHOOL English – Link
  • Learn English With Teacher Dilovan – Link
  • Kpop Slovenia – Link
  • Greek Sayings in English – Link

New Jobs Viber Groups list

  • Hamro jobs (VACANCY) – Link
  • Dollar Job Mandalay – Link
  • Jobs in UK – Link
  • Jobs in Cyprus – – Link
  • Jobs in Paphos – Link
  • Job Seek Fiji – Link
  • Belchem Philippines Jobs – Link
  • – Link
  • Youth Jobs Fiji – Link
  • National Carrier of Maldives – Link
  • All Kurdistan Jobs/هەلی کار لە کوردستان – Link

Viber Groups for Friends

  • بهترین باش Be the best – Link
  • The Best Aesthetics – Link
  • DWY Best Clips – Link
  • Best Friends Forever – Link
  • BESTO ( New Arrivals Fashion ) – Link
  • Best profile بهترین پروفایل – Link
  • Your Best Selfie – Link

Make Money Online Viber Groups

  • City Express Money Transfer – Link
  • MoMoney – Link
  • Viettel Money – Link
  • Speed NepalRemit (Zenith) – Link
  • PHK Money Changer – Link
  • D&L Thai ↔Myanmar Money Transfer Service – Link
  • Esewa Money Transfer – EMT – Link
  • Buyandship Philippines – Link

Music Bands Groups on Viber

  • K-pop – Link
  • BLACKPINK Philippines – Link
  • It’s Happee Hour! – Link
  • Հայ K-pop – Link
  • K-pop Serbia – Link
  • K-pop Forever – Link
  • – Link
  • BLΛƆKPIИK – Link
  • K-POP FANS – Link
  • Doom Music – Link

Movies Viber Groups Invite Links

  • Movies Collection (PMS) – Link
  • Movies World(MW) – Link
  • Yangon Movie Store – Link
  • OHO! Movies – Link
  • Tamil Movies 2024 (vj) – Link
  • Scary movies – Link
  • Dijaspora – Link
  • WeTV iflix – Link
  • ҍմՏíղҽՏՏ օղӀíղҽ ʍɑӀժíѵҽՏ🇲🇻 – Link
  • iWantTFC – Link

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Newspaper Viber Groups List

  • Nayapatrika – Link
  • LK Newspapers – Link
  • LANKA E-PAPER’S – Link
  • – Link
  • காலைக்கதிர் – Link
  • Panay News Community – Link
  • News Reviews – Link
  • The Visayan Daily Star Community – Link
  • Indreni Times : Digital News – Link
  • Nepal Online Patrika – Link

Business Viber Group Links

  • BUSINESS – Link
  • Golden Owl-Business Platform – Link
  • WMT Creative Age – Link
  • Inquirer Business – Link
  • VERA Files – Link
  • Teqwise Business Innovation – Link
  • Business Mobile – Link
  • Casper Lin Vlog – Link
  • Business 360 – Link
  • Best China Supplier – Link

Poetry/Quotes/Status Viber Groups

  • english_ quote – Link
  • WhatsApp Status – Link
  • I Love You – Link
  • عشق زلیخا love – Link
  • Tamil Status – Link
  • Lewantoobلیـونتـوب – Link
  • Авто з Китаю •США •Європи STATUS_AUTO.UA – Link
  • We Love Stickers! – Link
  • Book Love Corner – Link

Islamic Knowledge Viber Groups

  • اسلام ❣ love – Link
  • Madad – Public – Link

Viber Dating Group Links

  • INQUIRER Community – Link
  • Star Ferry – Link
  • Ygn&MDY&Npt Dating Gp – Link
  • ATR dating Agency Channel – Link
  • Socially Dating & Friendships – Link
  • Ko Thurein Dating Girl – Link
  • Rosey Dating Service – Link

Public Affairs Viber Groups Invite Link

  • ZOK Bihac public – Link
  • Tagkaro News and Public Affairs – Link
  • Mt Carmel Shrine Public Affairs Channel – Link
  • S.k public members group – Link
  • Adhikari_Public_Health_Exam – Link
  • Public SnusCovery – Link
  • WEEDMAN Victoria, Australia – Link
  • Dumarwana Public School – Link
  • Hyundai Hrvatska – Link

Online Services Viber Group Links

  • Lily Online Wholesale – Link
  • Online Slot/Shan/Football Services – Link
  • Online Passive income – Link
  • The Online Pets™️ – Link
  • Online Bridge MV – Link
  • Lankadeepa Online – Link
  • MZ Online Market – Link
  • Online Securities Info Desk – Link
  • Hobby Online Shop – Link

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Daily Viber Group Links

  • Cartoon Network – Link
  • My Art Function کار هنری من – Link
  • Karobar Economic Daily – Link
  • The Standard Time Daily – Link
  • Gold Star Daily News – Link
  • Байкал-Daily – Link
  • Daily Links – Link
  • Mommy Chef’s Daily Menu – Link
  • BeatsCycle Fitness Center Davao – Link
  • Road To Billionaire – Link

Housing Viber Groups Chat Links

  • Safe House Maldives – Link
  • Hype House Photos – Link
  • Gyanmandu – Link
  • Lemuel Almond Houses – Link
  • Kim Pot House Lovers – Link
  • House Lena – Link
  • Seikku Cho Cho Book News – Link
  • Travel Trade Maldives – Link

UPSC Viber Group Links

  • DFM 2024 – Link
  • Class 11-12 (NEB Exam Preparation ) – Link
  • Grade Teacher Training – Link
  • Smart NEB 11 Science – Link
  • PPM Association – Link
  • M.Adhikari Health Assistant License exam – Link
  • SEE Preparation Nepal – Link
  • M. Adhikari Paramedics Exams – Link
  • Sakila & Mukesh Nursing License exam – Link


In conclusion, we hope you’re pleased with our efforts in gathering and listing the best Viber Groups Link. Our aim is to always ensure that our visitors get valuable content and benefits from us. Make sure to join these Viber Community Groups, as they undoubtedly offer valuable content and the chance to be part of a thriving community.

If you’re truly impressed and have joined valuable interest Viber Groups, don’t keep it to yourself. Make sure to share with your friends, family, and others. So they can also take advantage of this collection of Viber Group Chat Invite Links.

Viber Groups FAQs

How to Join Groups in Viber ?

Joining Viber groups can happen in a few different ways, depending on the group’s settings and how you got the invite:

Direct Invite – If someone in the group sends you an invite, you’ll get a message in Viber. Click on the message or go to the ‘Chats’ tab and check the invite. Just tap ‘Join Group,’ and you’re in!

Invite Link – Some groups share a link that you can click in messages, on social media, or other platforms. When you click the link, Viber will open (if installed) and ask you to join the group.

QR Code – Some groups may have a QR code you can scan within Viber to join. Open Viber, tap the search bar, and select ‘Scan QR code.’ Scan the code, and you’ll join the group.

How to Recover a Viber Groups ?

Regrettably, Viber doesn’t provide a direct method for recovering a deleted group within the app. Once a group is deleted, it’s permanently removed from the server for all its members. However, depending on the circumstances, there might be alternative solutions or workarounds you can consider.

How To Create Groups on Viber ?

Creating a group on Viber is easy and straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open Viber: Ensure you have the newest version of the Viber app downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet.

2. Select “Chats” to view all of your individual chats on Viber’s main screen.

3. Tap on ‘Compose’: Look for the blue button with a pencil icon. On Android, it’s usually at the bottom right, and on iOS, it’s typically at the top right.

4. Choose ‘New Group’: You’ll see a list of your contacts.

5. Choose your group members: Tap on the names of the contacts you want to add to your group. You can select up to 250 members.

6. Give your group a name: Tap on the text field at the top and type in a name for your group. This will be the name everyone sees for the group chat.

7. “Add a group picture: Tap the camera icon by the group name, then either take a photo or select one from your gallery.”

8. Tap ‘Done’: this create the group, and you can start chatting!

How to Stop Being Added to Viber Groups ?

Stopping unwanted Viber group invitations can be done in various ways, depending on where the invitations are coming from:

Control Who Can Add You:

Use Settings: The simplest method is to modify your Viber privacy settings. Open Viber on your phone (note that this feature may not be available on tablet and desktop versions):

1. Tap “More” > “Settings” > “Privacy”
2. Choose “Control who can add you to groups”
3. Select “My Contacts” to allow only people in your contact list to add you.

Block Specific Contacts or Groups:

If specific individuals or groups are adding you, you can block them:

1. Open the chat/group with the unwanted invitation.
2. Tap the information icon (profile picture in groups) or the contact’s name.
3. Choose “Block” and confirm.

Report Spam Groups:

If you keep getting added to suspicious or promotional groups, report them to Viber:

1. Open the unwanted group chat.
2. Tap the information icon.
3. Choose “Report Group” and select the appropriate reason.

Avoid Sharing Your Number Publicly:

Be careful where you share your Viber number. Avoid posting it publicly on social media, websites, or forums. This helps lower the risk of random groups finding and adding you.

How to Combine Two Groups on Viber ?

Combining two groups on Viber isn’t directly possible within the app itself. However, there are a few workarounds you can consider depending on your specific goals for merging the groups:

1. Create a New Group and Invite Members:

Here’s the easiest way to merge both groups completely: Create a new group with an appropriate name and invite all members from both existing groups. Announce the creation of the new group in both existing groups and encourage everyone to join it. This way, members can interact and participate in a single consolidated space.

2. Create a New Group and Invite Members:

If you’d rather keep the existing groups separate but still want to enhance communication between them, you have two options:

Linking: Share the invite link of one group in the other, allowing members to join easily if interested.

Announcement: Post a clear message in both groups, informing members about the purpose of the other group and sharing its invite link (if applicable). This encourages communication and collaboration between interested individuals without officially merging the groups.”

3. Utilize Channels within a Community:

If both groups are part of a larger Viber Community, you can leverage the Community’s Channel feature. Create a new channel within the Community relevant to the combined interests of both groups. Members from both groups can then join the channel and participate in discussions or share information relevant to both groups’ focus.

4. Use External Group Management Tools (Optional):

Some third-party tools claim to offer Viber group merging functionalities. However, proceed with caution when using such tools, as they might involve sharing group data or violating Viber’s terms of service. Research such tools thoroughly before attempting to use them.

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