Lunaris Labs

Lunaris Labs

Description / Rules

• Lunaris is kind, friendly, respectful and respectable. Please keep toxic behaviour away! :noBullySad:
• Remember: Lunaris is not in kindergarten, they can deal with banter. Content which is not safe for Lunaris (18+) is not permitted in the lab and although we allow opinions, divisive topics are restricted.
• Lunaris gets really angry when you annoy one of his lab visitors! Please don’t troll, impersonate, or intentionally annoy ANYONE. :blobstop:
• Please do not promote/advertise ANYTHING without permission.
• Lunaris loves being involved but he can’t understand anything other than English so please keep it to English only! :WumpusChat:
• Quality conversation is what will get Lunaris to like you! Please do not spam.
• @Zeusy is constantly brewing giveaway spells in the lab, there is no need to solicit money or beg for anything here. :rooBigMoney:
• When it comes to the law, Lunaris is really afraid of getting in trouble! Please do not promote or discuss anything illegal in the lab.
• Lunaris loves all of you, but he prefers to keep some things confidential. He won’t appreciate you sharing sensitive content.
• The Flinty Council is really friendly and may ask you to refrain from annoying Lunaris or stirring up drama. Please comply and move on. :banlightning:
• Lunaris forbids unauthorised personnel from moderating the lab! If you are not a part of the council, you don’t know how things are meant to be done.

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