Description / Rules

Act Civil :
Act in a civil and respectable manner. No one likes a jerk, whoever they may be. Be mindful of others’ personal space as well.

Appropriate Names & Avatars :
Names and Avatars should be appropriate and not contain any explicit content. This may make some people uncomfortable, so please, be considerate.

No Spamming :
Do not spam excessively. This is annoying for the people who have notifications switched on or use Discord alongside their work. Again, be considerate.

No Abusing :
Harassment, abuse, and bullying will not be tolerated. Don’t try to pester or abuse anyone, because we will definitely ban you from this server.

No Form of Piracy, Hacking, or Cracking is Allowed :
This includes asking for cracks or posting any links related to cracks or even talking about them.

We Like and Support Everyone :
Racist, sexist, or anti-LGBTQ+ content/speech will not be tolerated. Be respectful.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy :
Do not reveal personal information of a sensitive nature. Knowing more about each other is great, but privacy is important, so keep yourself safe.

Malicious, privacy-breaching, or NSFW content is not welcomed here. Take it elsewhere.

No DM Advertising :
DM advertising of anything is a bannable offense. This includes sharing server invite links, promoting your stuff.
[1:10 PM]
Refrain Discussion of Controversial Topics :
Topics like Political, Religious, NSFW, etc., in short, any topic which can make the other person uncomfortable is not encouraged so please refrain from discussing about them.

Stay Within The Right Channels :
Use the channels for what it’s meant for and keep the following stuff within the right channels.

Ask Before DM-ing someone :
We all want to work but just DM-ing the artist or other person without their consent is pretty immature. Also, this is a given, do not, DM someone explicit content. We all know what this means. Be mature.

Keep The Voice Channels Clean :
This includes making disturbing noises, playing inappropriate music, etc., and wait for your turn to play your music. Also, all the rules above apply to the voice channels too.

Respect The Staff :
They are staff members for a reason. So, respect their actions and do not constantly DM or mention them regarding stuff like “Why did I get banned/kicked?”, “Why am I muted? Or Unmute me”, you are aware of what you did. So, think twice before taking any action.

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