Stream Beats


Description / Rules

The most important (and obvious).. no racism, sexism, hatred or exclusion of any kind. StreamBeats was made as an opportunity for everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

No self-promotion. Posting links to your own discord, twitch (even clips), creator codes, artwork, etc. will get you banned.

Senpai Records isn’t currently taking submission to put your music in StreamBeats. We don’t have the contracts or infrastructure in place for that, yet, and it will be a while until we do (plus we have a couple projects that are a bit higher priority that you should be excited for anyway 😉 ). We will let you know when we are ready for you.

If you have any issues about StreamBeats and need help, check out the #copyright-claims channel. There is a submission form there.

Be awesome. Uplift people. And click the :StreamBeats: button below when you have read this. It will bring you into the full server.

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