Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Description / Rules

be considerate
– keep things peaceful between yourselves and maintain a friendly and welcoming environment
– do not harass other users, dms included
• no bigotry
– prejudiced speech (such as slurs), regardless of your own race or identity, is strictly prohibited
• no NSFW content
– NSFW media is not allowed, neither is sexual language.
• no spamming outside of #pics or #bots
– spamming can take the form of text, bot commands, reactions, images, or other disruptive messages
– wait ten messages between sending images/bot commands
– do not use the reply button unless absolutely necessary
• listen to moderators
– listen to and respect moderators (direction given by moderators in the chat hold equal weight to what is listed here)
– avoid pinging moderators unless there is an emergency
– in the case of a raid, ping only one moderator.
• do not advertise
– this includes sending unsolicited private messages
– server advertising is an instant ban
– exceptions made for ariana related content
• keep channels on topic
– discuss topics in their appropriate channels
• abide by discord’s ToS & community guidelines
– we’re a partnered server!

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