Description / Rules

Do not post anything that is NSFW

There is zero tolerance to racism and sexism, or any “ism’s for that matter.

Please respect the Admin’s and Moderators. Do not SPAM any channels.

This is a NO bullying server. Have respect for one another. Reach out to a moderator if someone is harassing you.

Please do not post self-promotion in channels not intended for self-promotion. The idea for Social Twitch Growth is to encourage networking and to grow organic viewership by means of interactions with fellow communities.

Follow for Follow /F4F/ is against Twitch T.O.S. so it is not allowed or accepted here. F4F will not help you succeed in reaching your goals as a streamer. We encourage you to reach out to fellow communities and NETWORK-Having dead followers will not result in more viewership…Please understand that. How many of those people that you follow do you go view? Don’t answer that because we already know. This results in an immediate documented warning

Unfortunately, we keep this server English speaking only. I know this is an inconvenience to some and we apologize.

No unsolicited DM advertising! This will result in an automatic documented warning. Having 3 warnings of any kind warrants a 30-day ban.(with exception of F4Fand discord invites-you will be 30 day banned on 2nd offence DMs or not)

Absolutely ZERO blind friend requests! Ask before sending-Don’t just send a random request to someone you have never talked to. This results in an immediate documented warning if reported.

Selling views/followers is against Twitch T.O.S.-This results in an automatic ban.

Zero Discord invite links until you reach Level 15 in ??discord-server☯

Read and understand ??rank-system? :stgBoxyarrow: This will help you understand our system and how to access promotional channels.

Visiting ??role-select? is a rule here. It shows that you can follow a simple request and lets others in the discord know a little about you. That’s what this server is about; networking. Selecting certain game roles will also unlock channels for that game, so it’s important to select what you play.

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