Duck Squad

Duck Squad

Description / Rules

1: Treat all users with respect and please don’t swear at other users!

2: Please don’t intentionally spam/flood!

3: Please speak English only.

4: Don’t post inappropriate content.

5: Advertising other servers in chat and DM Advertising is prohibited. Mass Advertising will lead to an immediate ban!

6: Offensive or insensitive talk about politics, drugs, religious beliefs, or any part of a person’s identity isn’t allowed.

7: Follow Discord’s ToS and community guidelines at all times.

8: Please use correct channels. Anyone with permissions, don’t abuse your permission to send images by flooding chats, or posting irrelevant pictures that disrupt the current topic.

9: Please don’t argue with staff as staff decisions are final!

10: Do not involve yourself in or start drama. This is common sense. If you start drama you will most likely be muted or banned on the spot.

11: No Sub-Servers. Sub-servers are defined as servers that consist of mainly Duck Squad members, and have a community that forms from it. Essentially “taking” our members.

12: Please don’t impersonate other users/staff members.

13: Don’t evade your punishment or ask to be punished. This includes making an alt or leaving and rejoining the server.

14: Don’t edit or use inspect element to alter photos/text.

15: Don’t degrade the server. We are happy to have constructive criticism/suggestions however!

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