Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager

Description / Rules

  1. Everyone is welcomed and is to be respected ;

a) Judging or attacking people based on their age, gender, (mental) disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or spiritual convictions, club they support or other beliefs is strictly forbidden and will be met with the harshest of punishments.

  1. Unwanted messages may be punished ;

a) Unwanted refers to one or more of low effort, disruptive, sexual, spammy, offensive, tasteless messages.

  1. There is a channel for every topic. Please don’t go off-topic in a channel.
  2. Spam & self promotion ;

a) Posting links to other discords or your own social media channels to promote them is prohibited unless you have explicit permission from a moderator.

b) Promoting betting companies / other games may be punished.

c) Begging for roles / Begging to become Mod, is not allowed.

  1. Pinging the @mods & NSFW content is not allowed.
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