Fantasy Sim League

Fantasy Sim League

Description / Rules

Who we are and what we do:
“Courage. Honesty. Friendship.”
Our conceptual league allows users to create their own clubs using real life players and go head-to-head against the other FSL (Fantasy Sim League) managers.

At the start of a new season we establish club ownership, customize our clubs, use a draft/make transfers to sort out the rosters and then, the matches begin!

Every club has a budget that changes after each season based on performance and achievements.

We use eFootball PES2021 to host our league.

Our league is based in a fictional country called Forta, located on the Mediterranean in between France and Italy. Our Domestic players are currently from Serie A, Serie B and a handful of ‘Rest of Europe’ clubs. FSL 25 man squads are allowed 5 players from anywhere.

We have 24 custom clubs. Not only does every club play a 23 match league schedule, but we also have Domestic Cups and UEFA competitions for those that qualify!

We’ll post interesting stories related to FSL and our favorite designs in our news section.

Rep your team in our custom match threads on matchdays under the header Matchday Live.

Always know what position your club is in; our channel hierarchy is based on the league table!

Be sure to check out and follow/subscribe to our Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

If you want to go off-topic for a bit, visit our General channels and engage with the other server members

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