Let’s Chat

Let's Chat

Description / Rules

  1. Always contact staff before you contact Matt.
  2. This is not a dating server.
  3. Be nice, play fair, and try not to be too disruptive.
  4. Do not use this server to spam, flood, advertise, or recruit for other servers.
  5. Treat others, and the staff, with respect.
  6. Harassing or being creepy/thirsty to others in Direct Messages WILL get you banned!
  7. Don’t get thirsty; this includes in the mature-chat.
  8. This server is English-only; please respect that.
  9. Adult and innuendous material does NOT belong outside of mature-chat.
  10. Don’t self-assign titles (or make fake titles) that weren’t given by the bot. Instead, just use: ?title
  11. Any complaints/concerns addressed to the moderators should be done via ModMail or Direct Message; keep the drama out of the server.
  12. Be careful not to attack or hate on any political parties or religious groups. No pushing your beliefs on others either.
  13. Do not try to legalese or use semantics to get around these rules. We’re fair, not stupid.
  14. As this is both a public and partner server, we cannot allow nudity to be posted.
  15. DM, Age, Gender, and Location roles are not required. However, misuse or misrepresentation via these roles are not permitted.
  16. Respect the Ask to DM and Closed DMs roles.
  17. Use memes, pictures, and videos sparingly in #general and keep them on-topic.
  18. If you post annoying/loud videos, or annoying gifs like the “imagine not being able to post gifs” gif, it will be a 10 min mute.
  19. Racism is a bannable offense here. Discord is serious about it, so we don’t even want the jokes regarding it either.
  20. If you are caught giving Discord a fake age to access flagged channels, you will be PERMANENTLY banned.
  21. Fake nitro invites or pollux loot boxes aren’t allowed and will earn you timeout in #appeals. (Webhooks don’t count.)
  22. The use of multiple accounts is prohobited unless otherwise granted. It causes problems and enables trolls. Don’t do it.
  23. Rejoining the server to change your name is not acceptable. If you need your nickname changed, ask staff.
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