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Daily Mustache

Description / Rules

1.) Keep text chat/voice chat appropriate. This entails that any NSFW content including language, images, links, profile pictures, bio/status updates, or otherwise inappropriate material will result in appropriate action taken.

2.) Harassment of any kind to the members in this discord, including but not limited to other members, Gabby, friends, or staff will be dealt with accordingly by the Server Moderation Team. This includes actions such as spelling with reactions, direct messaging, etc.

3.) You may not disrupt the chat with spam or instigate any conflict, including but not limited to politics and religion talk.

4.) By no means will advertisement of any sort be allowed within the server! This includes websites, discord invites or anything else, this extends to unwarranted DM messages, invites or promotions; If you have an issue like this please alert the Server Moderation Team with proof/screenshots and punishment will be handled accordingly.

5.) Private Information is to be kept that way, Private. Basic Information such as age, name, and gender don’t qualify as private. Any exchange of any information beyond that in public chats, including if it makes others uncomfortable, will result in punishment carried out by the Server Moderation Team.

6.) Any attempts to bypass automod will result in appropriate action. This includes the use of alternate accounts. Receiving 6 warnings from the Server Moderation Team will result in an automatic ban.

7.) Although we are a global community, English is the only approved language within the public chats. Our goal is to maintain inclusiveness at all times and this is achieved through enforcement of this rule.

8.) At the end of the day, just use Common Sense. The Server Moderation team has the final decision. If you feel the need to ask Moderation if a message is allowed, just don’t post it.

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