Educators MCQ


Description / Rules

*?EDUCATORS MCQ * ?Roules? 1⃣ Voice Not Allow ❌ 2⃣ Bad Videos Not Allow❌ 3⃣ Links Not Allow ❌ 4⃣ No Songs Share❌ 5⃣ Dont Send Pic❌ 6⃣ Falto,Commants Over Writting Not Allow❌ 1⃣ G.K✅ 2⃣ Send New Discovery✅ 3⃣ Anything Send From Genral Knowledge of World Science✅ 4⃣ Want Your Desired Information Of World Of Science✅ Follow Relus If Not Will Be Kicked Out ? Without Warning ?Admins? ? Prince BABU For More Details Contact:??? *03022432696

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