Anjuna Discord

Anjuna Discord

Description / Rules

•Be considerate and respectful to others. Racist, sexist, or anti-LGBTQIA+ language will not be tolerated.
•Keep content suitable for all ages and avoid NSFW posts.
•We come from all corners of this blue planet, and we may have differing perspectives – approach differing opinions as a learning opportunity, not as a win or lose battle.
•When sharing your favourite music, use links from official sources such as the Anjuna YouTube channels or Spotify.
•No religion or politics in any channel.
•No discussion or sharing of leaked/pirated Anjuna music or leaked/unofficial merchandise.
•No unsolicited promotion outside of 🎤│promotion (You can post your livestream in 🎦│livestreams though!)
•Don’t buy or sell second-hand tickets or any other goods via this server. Support your favorite artists and labels directly!

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