United Kingdom Donation


Description / Rules

This WhatsApp group is dedicated to supporting [briefly explain the cause or project]. We’re here to make a positive impact by coming together and amplifying our efforts through shared support.
Respect and Kindness: Treat everyone with respect. This is a space for positivity and support.

Purposeful Posts: Share updates, information, and stories related to our cause/project. Avoid spam or unrelated content.
No Solicitation: While we encourage sharing, refrain from constant self-promotion or soliciting personal funds.
Support Each Other: Engage! Like, comment, and offer words of encouragement. Small gestures go a long way.
Privacy Matters: Do not share personal information of group members or beneficiaries without their consent.
Language and Tone: Keep the language inclusive, polite, and suitable for all ages.
Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant to our cause/project. For unrelated conversations, consider taking it to private chats.
Moderation: Admins are here to assist.

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