Stream Professor’s Classroom

Stream Professor's Classroom

Description / Rules

Severely Vulgar language is not permitted. This isn’t a christian server, but if you wouldn’t say it to your mother don’t say it here.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Trolling/Bullying will NOT be tolerated.

Do NOT spam members of this server or private message anyone on this server without their permission.

Please use the bot-commands channel if you need to use more than one command at a time.

You may discuss piracy but you may NOT post links or distribute any stolen warez. You will be banned if found doing this.
There is to be NO discussion of DOXING, DDoS, or any other form of malicious online activity in this server.

Do NOT image spam.

Self promotion is permitted but we ask that you only post your links once a day. Do not abuse this!
If you are found posting malicious links you WILL be banned.

Politics may be discussed in this server however please keep it friendly. If it moves to an argument you will be asked to stop or take the conversation to DM.

DO NOT post Discord Invite links.

It is at the management teams discretion to shut down any and all topics that are deemed inappropriate for discussion in this discord.

Most important: Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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