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Description / Rules

  1. No Not Safe For Work (NSFW), Racist, Homophobic, or sexist remarks
    • This includes but is not limited to: N-Word, R-Word, C-Word, hate-speech, etc.
  2. Be respectful: You will be held accountable to Discord Community Guidelines as well as Discord TOS.
  3. No DOXXING. do not leak any personal information about another user.
  4. No hacking of the game.
  5. DO NOT PING or DM individual Staff members! Use #support-ticket.
  6. For continuity, keep your discord username/nickname the same as your in-game names.
  7. Please use English only when communicating in Text/Voice channels.
  8. No advertising of any kind in any Text/Voice Channels.
  9. Do NOT send unsolicited DMs to users, including staff members. Do NOT ask users to DM you.
  10. Do not bait banned terms with hidden messages in any channels.
  11. Political and religious discussions are to be kept to a minimum. Action will be taken against users discussing topics deemed controversial or malicious for the server.
  12. Listen to the Staff members! Ignoring instructions can lead to a mute/warn/ban!
  13. We reserve the right to warn/ban you for any reason, if we deem it to be necessary!
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