500+ International Students WhatsApp Group link Best of 2024

international students whatsapp group link 2024

We have best International Students WhatsApp Group link 2024 for brilliant students, who want to communicate with foreign students for education and friendship. In this way you can improve your study method and get an advanced level education strategy.

We have Pakistan student, Indian student, Nigeria student, Ghana student, UK student, Bihar student, Canada student, California student, Kenya student, London student, swadhyay student WhatsApp group links, where you can find a lot of talented students to talk about studying. Besides, they will help you provide online education in your country.

If you join International Students WhatsApp Groups, you can exchange ideas, help each other in exams and subjects, share funny moments from your school or college days, tell others about your favorite teacher’s study method and memorable moment, you can enjoy and study with foreign students and learn something extra, that is big advantage of join WhatsApp groups.

As you know all over the world have different education, different ebooks, different merit for admission on higher colleges and universities, some countries even have a province-based education system this is more painful for students, If they emigrate, they will have to change everything and buy something new again that is impact on poor students and parents.

If you have plan to travel abroad and you want scholarship then join these WhatsApp groups, you will find a lot of information about the universities or colleges in the country you are going to, many students from these colleges and universities join these WhatsApp groups, you have to make new friends and ask relevant questions about studying in abroad.

Above we discussed some of the benefits of joining these WhatsApp groups but after you join you will realize that your decision to join the groups was right, Because we are providing best International Students WhatsApp Group links that are collected from worldwide and listed to this website, so join these WhatsApp groups without any worries and without wasting time, before it is full or link revoked.

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International Students WhatsApp Group Rules

As a student you have to respect others and follow instructions if someone gives you, As “students WhatsApp groups” have some rules, group admin created rules to protect you from scammers, you have to read and follow below rules.

  • Only students are allowed to join
  • Girls students should be respected and not harassed
  • Don’t share fake documents of education
  • Buying and selling fake degrees is not allowed
  • Don’t deceive a foreign student. It affects your whole country.
  • Don’t force any student to join his institute
  • Political or religious discussion not allowed
  • Don’t promote personal YouTube channel
  • Affiliate marketing or paid advertising is not allowed
  • Don’t send private message to admin or female members
  • Avoid sharing content related to cricket, basketball, or football
  • Don’t change group name or image
  • Do not share personal information or documents

Note – We have a lot of International Students WhatsApp Group links. Each group has different rules that depend on the WhatsApp group admin, you have to strictly implement on their rules.

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International Students WhatsApp Group links 2024

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Add Student WhatsApp Group Link

If you really want to add a Students WhatsApp Group or International Students WhatsApp Group link to this post to help students then follow below steps.

  1. Click on “Add Your Group”
  2. Form window will open
  3. Carefully fill in all required fields
  4. Try to write at least 50 to 100 word group descriptions and rules
  5. Recheck all group details and click “Submit”
  6. Wait for approval (Max 24hrs)

Note – We accept only above method for adding International Students WhatsApp Group link to this website. Avoid sharing links in the comments box. If you don’t know or stuck on the form page, please immediately Contact Us.

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If you are a brilliant student and want to achievement in your life, the must join these international student WhatsApp groups, you are one step ahead of other students, Please share International Students WhatsApp Group link 2024 with your class fellows and friends, try sharing it on social media, maybe most students have been looking for these WhatsApp groups for a long time.

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