Gold Miners FX Official

Gold Miners FX Official

Description / Rules

GoldMiners Forex AI is an automated Forex Trading system that gives you at least 10-20% profit on your capital monthly without lifting a finger.

With GoldMiners Forex AI, you can see your Forex Account grow everyday without sweat at the same time having FULL CONTROL over your funds.

We DO NOT take your money to trade for you.

Your money stays with you…in your own forex account which can be ONLY withdrawn by you.

The service we provide is to host your forex account on our AI system which will do all the trading for you as you sit back ,relax and see your money grow.

Minimum capital is $300 and hosting fee is $20 monthly or $200 yearly.

Unlike other forex opportunities out there, we don’t share profits with our clients! Whatever profits you make on your account is fully yours.

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