Gamers Lounge

Gamers Lounge

Description / Rules

We’re a small but fast growing community with varying interests all over the spectrum.

💖 Social community (Chit-chat, Memes, Food-pics & More!)
🎮 Gaming (15+ Game and 4 Platforms Roles, LFG, Daily Newsfeed & Recommendation list!)
📚 Anime (Discussions, Recommendation list and Bots!)
🎶 Music (24/7 Radio, Song Queue – We welcome all genres!)
💪 Dedicated Management (There’s always ongoing projects!)
🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly (Openminded members, 4 Pronouns Roles!)
🔊 Temporary Voice Channels (Customizable through our Command Guide!)
🎁 Giveaways (Monthly Discord Nitro giveaways!)

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