Forza Auctions


Description / Rules

1) This server is only for rare, non-autoshow cars. Any trading posts regarding autoshow cars will be removed.
2) No transactions involving real world money allowed.
3) Do not attempt to scam users.
4) Keep everything Safe For Work (no explicit imagery of violence, gore or sexual content).
5) Do not promote or suggest actions that violate the Forza TOS.
6) Do not harass other users in Private messages and server chats.
7) Do not block the mods. If we cannot communicate directly with you, we cannot resolve issues efficiently.
8) Do not be a major nuisance to the community (includes spam)
9) Verify if people have actually scammed you before reporting (do not report if you failed to snipe or if you’re unsatisfied with a successful deal).
10) Keep posts related to the topic of the chat you are in. #forza-chat is for any Forza related discussion and the trading channels are for ads only. Everything else must go in the appropriate channel.
11) #buying_cars. #selling_cars, #trading_cars is for Forza Horizon 4 only. For all other Forza game, please post in #fm7-and-fh3 and specify which game.
12) No begging for handouts of vehicles or credits.
13) Posting of social media content is allowed as long as it is Forza related and not done with the sole intention of gaining followers.
14) No discussions regarding involvement – or promoting involvement – in IRL activites that are considered illegal, dangerous or otherwise reckless and harmful towards oneself and the public.

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