Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing


Description / Rules

I wish to thank and congratulate you on taking this opportunity… You are taking a step in reaching your goals…

In this group we are bound by rules and it is our responsibility to abide with them.


  1. We are here seeking information and assistance about affiliate marketing… No one is Forced to be here… If you feel you in the wrong place you have a right to exit peacefully.
  2. As we all members of expertnaire… There is no need for you to share your link to us… Therefore do not post your link in the group.*
  3. Advertising any foreign articles is prohibited… Only post what is affiliate marketing program related.
  4. Respect each other and especially the Admin staff… No use of other languages except English. Any Form of insult will not be tolerated.
  5. If you are failing to respect any of these rules… You will be removed with immediate effect from the GROUP.

I Thank You… ?????

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