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Description / Rules

Hihi! Make sure to follow the rules listed below + immediately report to staff if you see anyone breaking them! I am not asking for much here so <3

  1. no nsfw, gore or discussing about controversial and triggering topics
    ㅡ﹕ mute + warn
  2. respect others! human decency isnt a very hard task
    ㅡ﹕ mute + warn
  3. swears are allowed but slurs, nsfw terms and negatively directing swears at other members are not
    ㅡ﹕ ban / mute + warn
  4. no advertising, i cannot stress this enough. (dm advertising is prohibited as well)
    ㅡ﹕ ban / kick / warn
  5. no drama + arguing, private affairs should be taken to dms, not here
    ㅡ﹕ warn / mute
  6. no taking layouts btw, I custom designed most if not all! i do not own the emojis
    ㅡ﹕ i will verbally warn you first but if you refuse to take it down it will result in a ban a possible blacklist (if im not lazy)
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