Cricket Guru

Cricket Guru

Description / Rules

If possible, help each other but do not mention anyone.
Treat other the way you’d want to be treated, do not harass or insult other members and avoid being toxic.
Avoid mentioning a server member or a moderator multiple times.
Obey the decisions of the moderators, they reserve the right to use their own discretion.
Keep in mind not everyone here is an adult. DO NOT send any NSFW/Gore content in this server.
No overusing chat, emojis, gifs, bot commands or spam of any sorts.
Refrain from using abusive language.
Self-Promotion in server or in user’s DMs can be punishable if reported.
Avoid creation of unnecessary threads when bored/muted or on useless topics.
Usage of wrong channels for a given purpose can have consequences.
Begging the team for money/players with or without ping is strictly prohibited.
If a user is found to forfeit a match when they are losing or they leave without specifying a valid reason, a total of 10K :cg: will be deducted from their purse.
Users with inappropriate team names will be warned and then banned from the game if not changed as early as possible.
Asking any of the team members for rating changes of players will not be entertained. Your job is playing the game, focus on that. Leave the rest of it to us.

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