Best Competitive Programming Telegram Groups for Beginners

competitive programming telegram group

Join Competitive Programming Telegram Group if you are beginner in this fields, that is necessary for you to join telegram groups and get useful information from experts, If you really want to become a professional in programming, don’t ignore this post.

By joining Telegram Groups, you will learn everything you need for programming, as well as improve your programming efficiency, reliability, and ability to write compact code, which is the main goal of all programmers, There are many specific disadvantages, which are dangerous for beginners, don’t worry, all kinds of issues are discussed in these groups and they are also fixed.

If you are already learning programming from college and can’t go to college because of Corona, so don’t miss out this opportunities, join these groups quickly and continue your education, as well as learning here you can also talk to an expert about your problem.

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Best Languages for Competitive Programming

You are a programmer, you should know how many programming languages are available, it may be impossible to answer correctly but according to Wikipedia there are about 700+ programming languages, including esoteric coding languages, other sources that list only the notable languages are 245+ languages.

We will tell you about the 5 most popular programming languages in the world – (1) C++ (2) Java (3) Python (4) Ruby (5) Kotlin, if you want to learn more about these language please read this article.

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Competitive Programming Telegram Group Rules

Now we will talk about the Competitive Programming Telegram Group rules that are for all members, you must read and follow the group rules to avoid any violations.

  • Avoid to share irrelevant post
  • Don’t share fake code with others
  • Entertainments media not allowed
  • Share useful knowledge with beginners
  • Don’t ask for money to learn programming
  • Affiliate marketing not allowed
  • The use of “short link” is not allowed
  • Don’t promote your youtube videos in the groups
  • Personal message or call not allowed to any members
  • Don’t fight and don’t use bad language

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Competitive Programming Telegram Groups Link

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Add My Competitive Programming Telegram Group

If you want to add your telegram group link in this post, please follow below steps:

  1. Click “Add Your Group”
  2. New pop-up window will open
  3. Choose right media type
  4. Choose Category (If you choose the wrong category, we have the right to choose the right category)
  5. Write group description and rules
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. Wait for approval (It is important, Your group to meet our terms and conditions)

Note – Please avoid to drop down your group link in the comments box, if you have any issue to submit group link please contact us.

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Join the above competitive programming telegram groups and get useful information, if you really want to learn something new and solve the problem then join these groups. share this post link with your friends also share it on social media. 

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