Description / Rules

• They/Them pronouns only for Rana Please.
• English Only.
• Please remember to check people’s pronouns via their roles.
• No Lewd / 18+/ NSFW ANYTHING. We are a Partnered server so all of this is against TOS.
• No self advertisement, THIS INCLUDES INTROS. my friends get the LIVE role when/if they stream and go live.
• No discrimination of any sort.
• Follow Twitch and Discord TOS.
• No politics, edgy humour, etc
• Try to avoid unnecessary pings!
• No drama, deal with that away from the community.
• No spam, please also keep things in the correct chat.
• PLEASE mark anything you feel is possibly triggering/upsetting with the spoiler tag.
• This server is NOT equipped to give professional advice in regards to anything, including mental health. We are also not a venting outlet. Rana is just an advocate and our community supports one another.
• Blocking myself or members of the mod team will get you kicked from the server. Along with being blocked by me on any platform.
• My DMs are Closed

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