Allama Hassan Raza Naqshbandi


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Allama hassan raza naqshbandi is a great muslim saint and mystic of the Naqshbandia order. He is a prominent disciple of Sufi Muhammad Iqbal, an eminent saint of Naqshbandia spiritual order.
It is allama hassan raza naqshbnadi who is also disciple of allama khadim hussain rizivi, an eminent saint of naqshbandia order. He got education from different eminent ulema of this century like Allama khadim husain rizivi, allama hafiz abdul sitar saedi, allama muhmmad tahir tbasum and such more.
Know he is challenging all the evils prevailing in the society these days. Moreover he is countering all those people and ulemas who are implementing the deen in wrong way. He is working hard to reestablish to glory of islam which is being gravely treatened by anti islamic trends and Fitnas by anti islamic scholars like javeed ghamdi and mirza jehlimi. It is he who is trying to show real image of islam as it was 1400 years ago.

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