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We hope you have a great time here. To ensure consistently high quality, please adhere to these guidelines during your stay.

  1. Be kind and compassionate to your peers. This means no hateful language towards any identifiable group whether based on race, sexual preference, or otherwise. BMW Owners are fair game though. ?
  2. No spamming, low quality content/filler, or excessive and unwarranted trolling. This includes baiting users to break rules or otherwise disrupt the vibe.
  3. No unapproved solicitation.
  4. If there is a dedicated channel for a given topic, please try to direct the discussion there.
  5. Usernames must not be generic in name (e.g. Elon Musk, Tesla Model 3, etc), and should not abuse sorting with ! or similar prepended.
  6. No political discussions will be supported here. They serve to only incite argument. Please find a social or variety server for this purpose. Limited-scope EV news topics will be allowed at mod discretion.
  7. Never DM an employee that does not have the “OK To DM” role. Seriously.
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