No Moon

No Moon

Description / Rules

:one: – Spamming is only permitted in appropriate channels: You may only spam in ?│off-topic . Swearing is limited and we have blocked words. Spam-tagging a group of people will result in an instant kick from the Server

:two: – Be respectful to one another: Any disrespect toward other users in this Discord will not be tolerated. We all like to tease each other, but don’t cross the line. If a player asks you to stop talking about something, respect their request and stop.

:three: – Use the appropriate channels: You will be muted if you don’t discuss about a channel’s subject. Please stay on-topic.

:four: – Keep all everything ‘safe for work’: These includes inappropriate images, conversations and nickames.

:five: – Do not block any @No Moon Dev or @Moderator : Blocking @No Moon Dev or @Moderator will result in an instant ban, until you have proved the @No Moon Dev or @Moderator were unblocked

:six: – Do not advertise: Advertising of threads leading to/discord servers will not be tolerated. Ordinary threads are permitted. Do not advertise any products.

:seven: – Do not post screenshots or links with other players’ public profile in any circumstance. We do not encourage nor condone public shaming. If you have a problem with someone in-game please contact us via email at [email protected]. Do not DM developers with player reports or you risk a ban.

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