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Assalam-u-Alaikum, Sir I am an online Quran teacher who is a Hafiz Alhamdulillah. Anyone interested in learning Quran with tajweed please feel free to contact me. A small effort to learn Quran gives a big reward in Aakherah. I have a distinct teaching style with my background in Kips Colleges Hafizabad Pakistan . I teach my students ethics and good behavior like how to take care of others and how to respect our parents and elders. Alhamdulillah my students love to learn Quran instead of taking it as a formality. I believe, children should know the importance of Quran develop its love in their hearts. I also believe that interaction with children is very important as part of the learning process. I offer one-to-one sessions.
Please feel free to contact me and book a free trial class.
JazakAllah WhatsApp contact:03216485323

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