Korean Studies | 한국학

Korean Studies

Description / Rules

  1. Make sure you respect Discord’s TOS and have read the Discord Community Guidelines!
  2. Please be respectful and polite while chatting and in voice chat aswell!
  3. Please do not talk about topics like sexual content, politics, racism, religion, etc..!
  4. Please use correct channels!
  5. This server is not for dating.
  6. If u have any questions, problem, feel free to ping any staff member.
  7. NSFW is not allowed!
  8. Privacy is important, do not overshare your private informations for your own safety.
  9. Please do not ping anyone without a reason, spam or mass ping!
  10. Advertising, promoting is not allowed unless the owner allows it!
  11. Profile pictures or nicknames must be SFW. If you don’t change after a staff member has requested it, you will be kicked.
  12. If you want to send a video or some link, ask any staff member!
  13. Trolling is not allowed.

:rule6: Do not ignore staff members.

:rule6: We can’t write everything in the rules so please be considerate.

:rule6: 5+ warnings = ban. Can be revoked, depends on your defense and situation.

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